RATS / चूहा / ইঁদুর

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    • Our Bait Station application follows the 3 Line Defence System
    • For Commercial, we recommend AMC plan for enhanced benefits & high priority enquiries*

    Excellent Rat Control Services in Kolkata, Bangalore & Delhi 

    Rats are common household rodents responsible for causing damage and destruction in your home and other commercial settings. They are also the root cause of medical conditions like salmonella and hantavirus. However, now you can get rid of these harmful pests using the rat control services offered by Pestico.

    We follow an organized approach to finding the habitat and trails of these rodents and eliminating them using powerful chemicals and equipment. If you are experiencing any rat infestation in your home and office, don't hesitate to reach out to our professional team for rat control services to help you solve the problem and follow up to ensure that your home remains rat and rodent-free.

    How to get rid of rats

    If not treated, a rat infestation can quickly take hold of your premsie. A wide range of DIY products such as the well known break-neck rat traps and rat poison baits are available in stores for dealing with rats in low risk areas. However, we do recommend treatment by one of our pest control technicians for rat activity in living areas or if the problem persists.

    What do our Rat Control Services include?

    Our rat control services are divided into two types:

    • Eradication of existing rats
    • Protection against further rodent infestation

    Eradication of Existing Rats

    It is a two-steps method that includes:

    • Baiting – In this method, we provide food mixed with anti-coagulant rodenticides to attract rats. It is very effective in eliminating the rodent population where the rats eat the baits and die.
    • Trapping – If baiting is not a feasible idea, we also use snap traps and glue boards to capture rats. The major benefit of trapping is that it prevents the rats from dying in a place where removing its body is particularly difficult.



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