Bed-Bugs / खटमल / ছারপোকা

    Service Plan


    • Bug Eggs Removal Control
    • Adult Bugs Control
    • Warranty Period
    • No of Visits

    1 Month

    • Bug Eggs Removal Control
    • Adult Bugs Control
    • Warranty Period45 Days
    • No of Visits2

    3 Months

    • Bug Eggs Removal Control
    • Adult Bugs Control
    • Warranty Period90 Days
    • No of Visits3
    Terms & Conditions
    • Complaint services will be free*
    • Efficacy result after 7 days*
    • For Commercial, we recommend AMC plan for enhanced benefits & high priority enquiries*

    Effective Bed Bug Pest Control Services in Kolkata, Bangalore & Delhi 

    Bed bugs are unwelcome guests in your bed and other furniture that make your life uncomfortable by sucking on your blood. They can create a habitat in your bed, couch, chairs, and other home or office furniture. However, frequent exposure to these can cause skin and respiratory infections, making bed bugs control services a must to eliminate these.

    At Pestico, we offer fool-proof bed bug treatment Delhi to ensure that you and your family stay protected against unwanted bug bites in your sleep. In addition to treating these pests with safe and effective chemicals, we provide maintenance services 15 days after the initial appointment to make your home fully bed bug-free.

    What can you do to prevent beg bugs at your home?

    • Inspect second-hand furniture closely for bed bugs before you bring it home.
    • Inspect your home regularly for bed bugs.
    • Keep your luggage away from your bed after travelling.
    • Clean or change your bed sheets regularly to expose a bed bug infestation.
    • Remove all clutter from your home.

    What Does Our Bed Bugs Treatment Includes??

    Our two types of bed bug treatments are:

    • Single treatment of two services and sixty-day warranty.
    • AMC treatment of three services in a year.

    As part of our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for treatment against bed bugs, we visit our customers house thrice a year.

    At Pestico, we give our customers’ experience the utmost importance and offer a 60-day warranty and free follow-up visits to ensure that your problem is fully resolved.

    Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Call us and we will be happy to help you.

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