Cockroach and Ants / तिलचट्टा और चींटियों / তেলাপোকা এবং পিঁপড়ে

    Service Plan


    • Gel Treatment
    • Spray Treatment
    • Dusting Treatment
    • Warranty Period
    • Complementary Service
    • No of Visits


    • Gel Treatment
    • Spray Treatment
    • Dusting Treatment
    • Warranty Period45 Days
    • Complementary Service
    • No of Visits1

    1Yr AMC

    • Gel Treatment
    • Spray Treatment
    • Dusting Treatment
    • Warranty Period1 YR
    • Complementary Service
    • No of Visits3
    Terms & Conditions
    • Efficacy result after 15 days*
    • Complaint services will be free*
    • We use Bio & odourless chemicals for protection against harmful toxins
    • Use of Mask & Gloves by technician for clean & safe service
    • For effective treatment, kitchen cleanup is advisable
    • For Commercial, we recommend AMC plan for enhanced benefits & high priority enquiries*

    Live Cockroach-Freely With the Best Cockroach Control Services in Kolkata, Delhi & Bangalore

    In your kitchen, ants and cockroaches have an uncharted presence, contaminating your food and the surfaces in your house. However, their existence can be fatal to your health, causing various diseases, including food poisoning and diarrhea. Cockroach control services help you prevent these situations and keep your home safe.

    The cockroach control services offered by Pestico will remove all traces of cockroach and ant infestations from your house. Working with our qualified team, you will also learn how to identify tracks of pest infestations. Hiring our services at the right time will protect you against these disease-spreading pests and keep you healthy.

    How Do We Conduct Cockroach Control Services?

    Our team of well-trained staff will apply the odourless gel to the highly cockroach-prone areas like cabinets, cracks, drawers and other hiding places in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements and drains. The odourless gel contains an edible element that attracts these pests. Once some cockroaches consume this gel, they will also contaminate the remaining cockroaches. Consequently, it leads to a quicker eradication. Only three weeks and all the cockroaches are controlled effectively in your home or workspace.

    How Do We Conduct Ant Control Services?

    • Recognizing the source: We’ll inspect your property and identify the infested places as well as the type of ants populating these areas. Having in-depth knowledge about the different ant species, our professionals can locate the source of infestation and the ant colony nearby.
    • Ant eradication: We use eco-friendly and government-approved ant control chemicals, solutions, powders and baits to attract ants and control them in the fastest and the most effective way possible.
    • Ant infestation prevention: This is a crucial part of our ant control treatment program. Protecting your building from further ant infestation is important. Our professionals will employ a range of preventive measures like sealing up all the cracks and holes in the wall, dispose of food and waste (one of the causes of ant infestation) and use ant control products, among others.

    Cockroaches and ants making your life terrible? We make your life easy with our specialized pest control services. Book today!

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