The Pest Control Industry is going through a massive change and transformation due to multiple reasons and we at PESTICO are riding the waves of change and exploring the potential of this sector that is yet to be trapped. Unlike most of model of business that is being followed, why become a part of it when you can be a part of something big. Rather than adapting to Change, why not become the Change itself.

    To give you a brief idea the Global Pest Control Industry, the market is valued at US$20 billion, and the American sector alone contributes US$9.3 to its market size or nearly half of the world-wide pest control business. US based Terminix International Company alone has a revenue of over US $ 1.8 billion and major players in the top 10 are all US based Companies. But globally the fastest growing market is the Asia market which is having a CAGR of 21% primarily with China leading the pack followed by India and only contributing US$ 2.8 billion of the global market. China is currently having 20000 Pest Control Operators (PCO) businesses which is almost equal to US market.


    Coming back to India, the market is changing rapidly due to varied reasons like:

    • Consumer Awareness
    • Climate Changes
    • Lifestyle and Growing Middle Class
    • Urbanization – Higher economic activity & Industrialization
    • Growing instances of Disease Outbreaks
    • Increasing population - Man Animal conflict
    • Changes in Laws and legal framework with more consumer protection in them.

    The Indian market too is evolving but it’s still far from its peers in the Global market. The current market value is only Rs. 2700 Crores and in comparison, to global market, the 5th largest Company is US in PCO has a similar revenue size. But the real difference comes in the growth story where India is having 20% CAGR and is one of the fastest growing sector in India as well.

    How at PESTICO, we are riding this opportunity and would you love to join us in this informative and remunerative journey?

    If yes, please submit your interest and information so that we can connect with you and discuss the opportunity together. We bring the best structure in the Industry wherein we give you the highest return to becoming a Partner rather than be a franchisee only. Join us to ride the wave and become the change. We encourage opinions and assure you a different experience to this Industry segment. Whether you are a technician or an investor, join us before the story gets matured. Let’s bring out the entrepreneur in ourselves and Make in India become a global story in the PCO business as well.

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