Mosquito Control

MOSQUITOES / मच्छर / মশা

How can Pestico help you tackle mosquitoes?

Keeping mosquitoes away forever is impossible and not a one-time event.  Mosquito management is a tedious process, and you can trust our services in helping you keep mosquitoes at bay.

Our team works diligently to deliver sustainable and long-term solutions for your freedom from mosquitoes.

We follow scientific practices in our services to help you get rid of mosquitoes. Our trained and experienced technicians inspect your premises thoroughly before starting our services.

We use  treatment combinations to break the mosquito’s life cycle.  We treat breeding sites to prevent the larvae in water from developing into biting, and potentially disease-carrying adult mosquitoes.  We also treat the harbourage of adult mosquitoes.


Our services against mosquitoes are scheduled for the time of day when mosquitoes are active as that is a sure method to control these pests.  We also interact with our customers to make them stop water stagnation  that female mosquitoes use to lay eggs. .

Our spray-based mosquito management solution

For the individual home owner, we recommend the Indoor Residual Spray (IRS) within their homes.

Mosquitoes are wide ranging pests and a community approach effectively tackles them in an apartment community or other types of residential premises.

Pestico sprays a colourless and odourless insecticide on the walls to kill mosquitoes that rest on them. With newer pesticides, treatment with residual effect of three months is now possible.  By residual effect  a pesticide kills mosquitoes for ninety days from date of our application.

  • Our thermal-fogging based mosquito management solution

We control outdoor adult moquitoes by thermal fogging application of chemical pesticides aerially. Adult mosquitoes in the air die when they contact with the pesticide in the hot-fog. .

Thermal fogging creates dense fog-clouds to kill mosquitoes by an ultra-fine aerosol of the chemical pesticide.


  • Our misting-based mosquito management solution

Cold fogging or misting is effective to control flying adult mosquitoes in the open or closed commercial areas.  Pestico's specialised misting system has spray nozzles mounted at the perimeter of a site like a  lawn, or on parts of the house or fencing. The spray nozzles are connected by a tube to a supply of water-based insecticide that kills mosquitoes on contact.

Pestico is a pioneer in cold fogging technology and  deploys expensive equipment and chemical pesticide for such treatment.  Our cold fogging machine uses no petrol or diesel and the pesticide we use, Aqua K-othrine, is water soluble.  Cold fogs  are an effective, environment friendly way to control mosquitoes and safer than conventional thermal fogs.

  • Our larviciding based mosquito management solution

In this treatment, Pestico team creates films of pesticides on the surface of standing water at mosquito breeding sites. The pesticide-film reduces surface tension of the water, and prevents mosquito larvae and pupae from surfacing to breathe.   Larviciding effectively contains the mosquitoes  by preventing adult mosquito development.

We advise customers to stop mosquito breeding by filling potholes or removing containers with water. The recommended frequency of larviciding is  monthly.

We sell mosquito traps which one can use in their kitchen, at a restaurant, pharmaceutical unit, hospital, operation theatre, sweet shop, food industry, brewery, dairy, farmhouse and other places where mosquitoes are a problem.

What can you do to prevent mosquitoes at your home?

Mosquitoes are flying insects of arthropod family Culicidae. More than just an annoyance, mosquitoes are vectors of various deadly diseases. Some ways in which you can prevent mosquitoes are:

  • Avoid water stagnation and empty standing water near your home.
  • Avoid over grown vegetation.
  • Screen your windows that you open at dusk and dawn.
  • Mosquitoes prefer dark areas such as below seats and you can use lemongrass oil type natural repellent to repel mosquitoes from such hideouts.
  • Use hand-held racquet-like mosquito control devices .
  • Lemon grass oil diffuser in washrooms repels mosquitoes.


Hire the Best Service for Mosquito Pest Control in Kolkata, Bangalore & Delhi


There’s nothing more troublesome than living and working with mosquitoes. They have the perfect skills to distract you from your work by biting and leaving itchy marks. You can slap your palms to kill a few mosquitoes but when there’s a swarm of them, you should hire a specialized service for mosquito pest control in Kolkata, Bangalore or Delhi like ours.

Mosquitoes have been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. They are the abominable agents of dengue, malaria, Chikungunya and Japanese B encephalitis. And if you aren’t aware, the cost of treatment for dengue is minimum Rs. 50,000/- if admitted in hospital. Why spend so much money when you can easily avoid it through our mosquito control service that costs as little as 1500/-?

Such diseases are a common occurrence in India throughout the year, especially during or after the monsoon season. When the mosquitoes thrive at an alarming rate, hiding in the dark corners of your building, let our professionals for mosquito pest control in Kolkata, Bangalore or Delhi take charge and provide you with a healthy environment.


What Do Our Services for Mosquito Pest Control in Kolkata, Bangalore or Delhi Include? 


Controlling mosquitoes is a challenging task. As DIY techniques are only temporary solutions, it’s always a better decision to hire our specialized services for mosquito pest control in Kolkata, Bangalore or Delhi if you want to keep mosquitoes at bay. Our team comprises highly experienced professionals who work diligently to provide long-term solutions from mosquito menace.

Mosquitoes have a continuous life cycle. Our mosquito control services are designed to break this cycle. We also treat breeding sites to prevent the larvae in water from developing into fully-grown disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Our services are scheduled during that time of the day when mosquitoes are active. We employ a diverse range of advanced chemicals, technology and solutions to control mosquitoes where they breed the most.


Our services for mosquito pest control in Kolkata, Delhi & Bangalore include:

  • Spray-based mosquito management solution
  • Thermal-fogging based mosquito management solution
  • Misting-based mosquito management solution
  • Larviciding based mosquito management solution

In addition, we also offer our clients effective tips and practices to prevent mosquito infestation in and around their buildings.

Are mosquitoes stealing your peace of mind? Book our service today.